Sep 19

Small Town Big Sound lll Tuesday

The Big Room at Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

Tickets go on sale August 20th at 10 AM and they’re available at or in person at the gift shop.

Yes, gift shop tickets are back!!

Uncle Dad’s Art Collective is proud once again to enter the hallowed halls of the Sierra Nevada Big Room to present Small Town Big Sound lll. The show features the North State’s best songwriters in glorious full sonic grandeur courtesy of The Uncle Dad Orchestra. Through a submission process, 14 songs were chosen to be transformed and presented on stage with strings, horns, voices, and more! This is a celebration of songwriting, community, and the joys of bringing harmony and texture to some of the most beautifully written songs our Small Town has to offer. Featured acts include Pat Hull, Katie Barret, Shigemi Minetaka, Evin Wolverton, Viking Skate Country, Scout, Zach Gifford, Mossy Creek, Michael Bone, Loki Miller, Matthew Weiner, Hannah Jane Kile, Joshua Hegg and Ethan Swett. Arrangements by Micheal Bone, Joshua Hegg, Matthew Weiner, and Ethan Swett. Musical Direction by Joshua Hegg. For fans of the incredible musical talent that Chico has to offer, this is a can’t miss event. Get your tickets early!