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Take Back Our Trails

Freedom’s in the great outdoors.

It’s where we unplug to recharge, where we cut loose to feel most connected. But our favorite places to play are vulnerable. Their maintenance is underfunded while foot traffic keeps growing—a divergence that is wearing out our wild lands.

That’s why we’re launching Take Back Our Trails: to uphold our trails and rivers through action and advocacy. Alongside partner organizations and explorers like you, we’re committed to hands-on restoration and upkeep, and we’ll champion the link between wilderness and well-being.

If we don’t step up, our trails die out. Let’s protect our gateways to adventure.


Recap: World Record Numbers

National Trails Day


On June 1, 2019, we teamed with American Hiking Society for National Trails Day, hoping to make history for the most people participating in trail restoration in a single day.

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Trail Cleanup Pledge

Your Pledge Protects What’s Wild


Let’s walk the talk and clean up our favorite wild places, making sure our go-to spots stick around for generations to come. Join the action with a pledge to clean up your local trail.

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The Facts on Underfunding

Wear & Tear on Trails

In what often feels like a hurry-up, distracted era, we can celebrate that recreational use of public lands is on the rise. People are playing outside! The unfortunate catch: federal funding to maintain trails isn’t keeping up. It’s nowhere close, really, and there’s not a miracle turnaround hiding up a budgetary sleeve. In fact, it’s going to take us rolling up our sleeves to change the course.

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Take Back Our Trails

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