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Alpha Hop Society

Exclusive access to our rarest small-batch creations, available nowhere else.

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Welcome To Our Private Cellar

Alpha Hop Society is your backstage pass to all things experimental at Sierra Nevada.

Whether hopped to the max or aged to perfection in barrels, each beer is a showcase of flavor made solely for AHS. Membership is annual, new enrollments happen once a year, and spots are very limited. Submit the form below to get on the waitlist.

A Taste Of Alpha Hop Society

Released 2022

West Coast Double IPA

A stripped-down grain bill puts the spotlight on hop varieties including Chinook, Columbus, and Simcoe for punchy aromas of orange rind, candied grapefruit peel, and woodsy resin. The style’s trademark bitterness balances the faint malt sweetness, while notes of pine and citrus ride through the crisp and clean finish.

Released 2021

Peanut Butter & Jelly Blonde

A blonde ale with malted oats and wheat malt provides the bready, biscuity foundation for a jammy 10-month transformation inside tawny port barrels. Raspberry puree blends with a late addition of natural peanut butter extract for a smooth sipper. Raspberry pops on the nose, and peanut butter shows up as it warms.

Released 2020

Moist Coconut

Hey, it’s an accurate name; this beer is a spoonful of coconut cream pie. We absolutely packed Four Roses barrels with toasted coconut, sprinkled in some New Zealand vanilla bean powder, and piped in a stout brewed with lactose and its own dose of toasted coconut. The flavor is full, and the finish is clean.

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