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NC Estate Ale

Available on tap at Sierra Nevada Taprooms.

Available on tap at Sierra Nevada Taprooms.

The Details

There are very few breweries that can brew a beer with raw materials sourced solely from their land, but we’ve been doing it for many years now at our California brewery. Therefore, we figured it was high time to brew a beer in Mills River with our own estate ingredients. We began in the mash by combining pure Appalachian water, drawn from our onsite wells, with roasted sweet potatoes harvested from our Taproom garden and malted barley from our Chico estate. We then added garden-fresh coriander and thyme in the kettle to accentuate the spicy saison yeast character. Finally, after a lively fermentation in our open fermenters, we aged the beer on freshly toasted estate oak, acquired from the last remnants of trees that were cleared for the construction of our North Carolina brewery many moons ago.