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Barrel Aged

Sticke Biscuit

Available on tap at Sierra Nevada Taprooms.

Available on tap at Sierra Nevada Taprooms.

The Details

Historically brewed for special occasions, a sticke alt is a “secret” stronger version of the German altbier style. Altbiers are fermented with a unique yeast that blurs the line between ale and lager, striking a delicate balance with assertive malt and hop flavors. Traditionally a neighborhood specialty, old-time alt breweries would often add their own twist on the style to distinguish it from local competition. We pay homage to that tradition with our variation which we brewed with three different types of biscuit malt and aged in bourbon barrels for six months. The result is complex amber-hued beer with subtle notes of toffee, baking spice, and toasted sourdough.

9.8% Alcohol by Volume
40 Bitterness Units