Fresh Hop IPL

Winter Warmer Lager Resilience Butte County Proud IPA

Fresh Hop IPL

Uncannily crisp

IPLs - India Pale Lagers - have an uncanny crispness not often found in other hop-forward beers. This bright flavor is emphasized by our hearty use of fresh Sterling hops, which add a pop or lemony, herbal and floral dry-hop character.


  • Alcohol Content 7.0% by volume
  • Beginning gravity 16.6° plato
  • Ending Gravity 3.5° plato
  • Bitterness Units 45


  • Yeast Lager yeast
  • Bittering Hops Sterling
  • Finishing Hops Sterling, Citra
  • Malts Two-row Pale, Pilsner, Wheat

Brewing is as much art as science, and all beer specifications and raw materials are subject to change at our brewers' creative discretion.