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Enjoying the Ride

Growing up in Santa Cruz, where he hit backyard pool jumps and local trails, Cam loved biking at an early age. His childhood obsession turned into a career now spanning almost two decades, competing in nearly every major mountain biking event there is. Known for his showmanship and impressive tricks, Cam still maintains a laidback and grateful attitude for the successes he’s achieved.

Cam McCaul — “I dig getting back to camp totally torqued from a long day riding in the desert, knowing that there is a cooler full of cold Sierra waiting.”

While mountain biking is the ultimate pursuit for Cam, he’s “passionate about not taking things too seriously,” making sure to appreciate life’s ride in other ways. He loves spending time with his family, having shared the professional circuit with his younger brother, and now Cam is stoked to pass down the sport to his own two daughters. He’s also big into music and spends time off his bike jamming out with friends.

While much of Cam’s life is fast and intense, he tries to find balance: His pet tortoise, Rocky, is a reminder to slow down and enjoy the ride (or the cold beer waiting at the end).

Location Location: Bend, OR
Favorite Sierra beverage: Hazy Little Thing
Visit Cam’s YouTube or check out his Instagram.

Cam McCaul cheers can of Pale Ale with friend outside
Cam McCaul jumps mountain bike outside at dusk
Cam McCaul in bike workshop
Cam McCaul jumps mountain bike outside
Cam McCaul jumps mountain bike outside
Cam McCaul jumps mountain bike outside