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Food & Beer

09 | 9 | 19

Oktoberfest Braised Pork

Posted in Food & Beer

Here’s a German-inspired feast to turn your backyard into a beer garden. Jessie Massie, our executive chef in Mills River, used our 2019 Oktoberfest collaboration to headline mouthwatering braised pork. The beer lets loose its malt complexity and caramel sweetness. It’s a lengthier cook time of 3-4 hours, but the reward is unreal. “The braise breaks down the [pork],” Jessie says. “It pulls apart, it’s a lot more tender.” And...

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09 | 4 | 19

Mills River Mushrooms

Posted in Beyond the Brewhouse, Food & Beer

Under the forest canopy, tucked into a quiet nook, there’s a neighborhood of log cabins. But standing just 4 feet tall, they’re not home to humans. Instead, the residents bust through the bark: mushrooms. Some stand straight and rigid; others curve toward the sky. Their clusters look like umbrellas on a crowded beach. When the time is right, Mike Somich will harvest the caps, take a 60-second gator ride, and...

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08 | 19 | 19

Pale Ale Bratwurst

Posted in Food & Beer

When the sun seems angry—your car’s a furnace, your clothes feel like Scotch tape—sometimes you’re desperate for relief. Just give me a body of water, stat. And if you skip town to find your oasis, you might leave some essentials behind. Like your next meal. Dang! Dan Grice, our head chef in Chico, has an easy fix: Pale Ale-poached bratwurst. “If I’m going to the river or going to the...

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11 | 10 | 14

Four Years of Super Composting

Posted in Sustainability, Food & Beer

HOT. ROT. Sounds sexy, doesn't it? No? Well, how about 99.8% of trash diverted from landfill and heaps of it being composted and put to good use? We just celebrated the four-year milestone of super-composting in Chico with our HotRot system. We say "super-composting" because what can take Mother Nature nine months to break down, that baby can plow through in a mere 10 days. Our founder Ken Grossman certainly...

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12 | 17 | 12

Holiday IPA Popcorn

Posted in Food & Beer

Cooking with beer is familiar to some and uncharted territory for others. Beer imparts special character, aroma and taste to recipes, and lends adventure to culinary exploration. While eggnog, cocoa, pies and other dessert favorites may dominate your holiday gatherings, here's a fresh idea for a sweet and savory snack: Celebration IPA popcorn. Someone might physically have to take this bowl away from you. Caramel Popcorn with Celebration® IPA 2...

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