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From Beer to Whole Hog Butchery

Posted in Featured, Sustainability, Food & Beer

Lunch is hours away, but our Taproom races toward it. Bakers prepare 1,000 hamburger buns for the coming days. A line cook dices endless carrots. Our garden supervisor washes the morning harvest of greens. A stack of kegs heads to the beer cooler—then another, and another. Surrounded by the action, Matt Hanbury stands calm before two sprawling tables of butcher block. He sharpens an impressive lineup of knives, focused. “Sharp...

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Trails Day Recap

Posted in Beyond the Brewhouse, Sustainability

American Hiking Society (AHS) had an ambitious goal: set a world record on National Trails Day® for the most people participating in trail restoration in a single day. We rallied our employees and community, and on Saturday, June 1, we were part of history! Our efforts wrapped into the record-setting numbers nationwide: 41,424 = people who improved trails in a single day, National Trails Day® 1,164 = registered National Trails...

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Pouring from the Garden

Posted in Sustainability

Jim Belles surveys the brewery garden, walking a groomed pathway. The sun is still groggy, rising slowly. Jim pivots left, takes a few steps into a row and crouches down. He pops up and holds out a gift. “Give this a try,” he says. It’s an alpine strawberry. A tiny thing—the size of a fingernail—with a curious off-white color. By looks alone, it doesn’t seem that promising. But why would...

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Four Years of Super Composting

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HOT. ROT. Sounds sexy, doesn't it? No? Well, how about 99.8% of trash diverted from landfill and heaps of it being composted and put to good use? We just celebrated the four-year milestone of super-composting in Chico with our HotRot system. We say "super-composting" because what can take Mother Nature nine months to break down, that baby can plow through in a mere 10 days. Our founder Ken Grossman certainly...

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