Beer Ingredients & Agriculture

Estate hop field
Estate grain field

We believe that the best beers begin with the best possible ingredients. With an eye toward the environment, responsible farming and our agricultural future, we continually work with our growers in order to foster and support sustainable farming practices to produce the highest quality crops.

Despite our relatively small size, we use more whole-cone hops than any other brewer in the world. Additionally, we only brew with hops bred using traditional methods and non-genetically modified barley.

Homegrown Ingredients

We began growing hops experimentally in Chico in 2002, with a three-acre test plot. We took this homegrown approach a step further in 2008 by planting our own 30-acre barely field. Clearly bitten by the farming bug, we now have 11 acres of hops and nearly 100 acres of crop space slated for barley.

The brewery as well as our hop and barley fields have been certified organic by Oregon Tilth. Our Estate® Homegrown IPA, brewed with the hops and barley grown at our Chico brewery, was our first certified organic beer and remains one of the only estate ales in the world.

Estate Gardens

When it comes to the produce and herbs used at our brewery restaurants, they couldn’t get more local. Our restaurants in both Chico and Mills River feature ingredients harvested right from our own gardens that follow organic and sustainable farming practices. We fertilize the gardens with compost produced from our spent organic materials, creating a seamless loop.