Outdoor Spaces

Spending time in the great outdoors is inherently sustainable – it gets you moving and develops connections with your environment. Our culture has always been deeply rooted in nature; our name itself pays homage to the spectacular mountain range that first inspired our founder, Ken Grossman.

Mills River Forest Restoration

When we took a closer look at the forest on our Mills River, NC, property, we found it was actually quite unhealthy. One of the first teams in place at the brewery was our Natural Resources Department which was tasked with bringing the forest back to a healthy state by removing non-native and invasive species, supporting the health of the existing native plants and replanting cleared areas.

Mills River Recreation

With Mills River’s breathtaking forest setting, we wanted to balance work with outdoor play. Our amphitheater allows visitors to enjoy live music while breathing in the Carolina air, and outdoor patios behind the brewery provide an inviting place to sit back, relax and enjoy the view. Also in the works: guest hiking and biking trails. Stay tuned.