There is a lot more to packaging than how it looks – strategic changes have allowed us to reduce weight, save material, and preserve the quality of our product. We source packaging containing the highest amount of recycled content while still meeting our high standards for quality and we work with local vendors whenever possible.

We launched our Pale Ale and Torpedo® Extra IPA in cans in 2012, and our Nooner® Pilsner in 2015. Both cans and bottles have excellent sustainability attributes: they are easily recyclable in most parts of the country and have high recycled content. Cans, however, do not break, making them more suitable for outdoor adventures, and their lighter weight reduces transportation impacts.

Draught beer, sold in stainless steel kegs, is always the most sustainable package. Kegs are infinitely reusable without degrading beer quality. From both of our breweries, drinkers can take home draught beer in growlers which are also reusable. Avoid single-use plastic cups to really reduce your impact!