Legendary beer, great food, and good company.

At the Sierra Nevada Taproom and Restaurant you’ll find the ultimate counterpart to our award winning ales and lagers. Stop by to sample one of our 19 beers on tap accompanied by artfully prepared gourmet meals and dishes made with local, seasonal, sustainable ingredients. From fresh produce grown in the Sierra Nevada Estate Garden and bread baked on site with spent brewer’s grain to artisanal meats, cheeses and our very own Sierra Nevada beef, you can expect only the highest quality and greatest taste from farm to table.

Currently on Tap

Experimental Hop Double IPA

Two aggressive new hop varietals headline the flavors in this bold Double IPA. First up, Idaho 4 brings heavy fruit-forward and citrus-like flavors to the beer while Steiner 07270 rounds out the hop finish with deep, resinous notes of dank pine and grapefruit for a complex and powerful beer.

Experimental Hop Pilsner

We got access to tow new hops that cold change the entire way we think abut adding hop flavor to pilsners. These hop, Nug-033 and Steiner 04190, reflect some of herbal and spicy character of their European predecessors, but with a whole new twist with notes of lemongrass and citrus and a touch of smooth, chamomile-like hop aroma.

Experimental Hop Session IPA

Light-bodied IPAs are the perfect beers to showcase new and unique hops, and this beer doesn’t shy away from bold hop flavor. This beer features two new hops, HBC 438 and HBC 520, which add notes of bright lemon, coconut, and fresh-cut herbs in this light, snappy session IPA.

Zappa Wild Stache IPA

Musical legend Frank Zappa once uttered the words, “You can’t be a real country unless you have a beer.”  When Todd Bates cultivated a wild hop growing in the New Mexico, as untamed as Zappa’s musical leanings, we joined forces.  With the blessing of the Zappa family, we brewed a beer as wild and crazy as Zappa himself. 


Our version of Doppelbock has a malty body and flavors of caramel and chocolate with a touch of apricot and blackberry on the nose thanks to the noble Callista hop.  Let’s embrace tradition and raise a pint this holiday season!

Experimental Hop IPA

The new style in IPAs is to highlight heavy hop aroma without intense bitterness, and this lightly hazy IPA does just that. It features the native-grown FZMR2 hop varietal known for its mango-forward flavors, and HBC 472 hops, which add notes of toasted wood and vanilla for big hop aromas.

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