The Mills River Taproom is appointed in stone, brick, wood and copper—a mirror of the brewery’s dedication to quality.
The small-scale 20-barrel pilot brewery will focus on small-batch beers brewed yards away from the dining room and bar.
The Mills River Taproom is focused on beer. From the impressive center bar to the small-scale pilot brewery right in the restaurant.
The Mills River Taproom features several handsomely appointed dining rooms.
Visitors to the Taproom will get to see beer making in action in the pilot brewery and the pilot cellar located in the dining room.

Great beer and incredible food with a Southern craft focus.

Western North Carolina is known for its love of food and passion for great craft beer. At our Mills River Taproom and Restaurant you’ll find an abundance of both. Visit the Taproom to sample one of our 23 beers on tap, many produced just a few feet from the restaurant. Beers are accompanied by artful, chef-driven food focused on small plate, sharable, whole animal and farm-to-table dishes sourced mainly from local suppliers. We are a first come, first serve restaurant. Please feel free to stop by the host stand to put your name on the list, or grab a beer and head outside to our Back Porch and Beer Garden to take in the views of the beautiful forest or stroll through our Mills River Estate Garden. We use the homegrown vegetables and herbs for our restaurant and small-scale pilot brewery.

Currently on Tap

Forbidden Tripel

Forbidden Tripel is a crimson colored concoction brewed with mysterious “forbidden” black rice (once reserved only for Chinese emperors) and hibiscus flowers. This unusual ale is then fermented with a Japanese saké yeast, resulting in an exotic flavor combination inspired by the Far East. Its jewel-like color entices the eye and the intense fruity flavors make it surprisingly smooth and easy to drink, despite its strength.

Wolfinanny Wheatwine

Wolfinanny is named for a mythical creature said to lurk in the shadows around North Carolina wheat fields. Complex in its own right, barrel aging further enhances this wheatwine with woody notes of toasted bread and vanilla that emerge after its long hibernation in bourbon casks. A beast of a beer, this dark ale unleashes a barrage of tantalizing flavors and aromas as it warms.

Single Hop Idaho 7 IPA

From time to time, we like to brew with a single hop varietal to gain a better understanding of its overall contribution to finished beer. For this batch we chose Idaho 7, a relatively new hop that we’ve been experimenting with in recent years. A simple grain bill allows aromas of apricot and melon to shine, while the bold bitterness complements the piney grape-fruit flavors.

Super Session IPA

The low alcohol content and heavy-handed hopping in this session IPA required some brewing finesse to achieve a pleasant balance. Never one to back down from a challenge, we were able to coax just the right amount of body from the malt to support the bold American hops. Bright copper red in color, this easy-drinking ale blends toasty hints of graham cracker with piney citrus notes, quenching your thirst without sacrificing flavor.


A nearly forgotten relic from days of yore, roggenbier is a rye ale style that originated in Bavarian medieval times. Our Roggenbock is a tribute to this historical beer, brewed with over 50% rye malt and a light touch of herbal hops. This un-filtered ale combines earthy, spicy rye flavors reminiscent of pumpernickel bread with notes of clove and banana from our house weizen yeast.


Take a trip back in time to Munich in the 1800s with this malt-forward dark lager. This Munich Dunkel features almost 100% dark Munich malt that gives it great toasty, nutty, caramel character accented by light spicy and floral notes from Sterling hops. This beer is perfect for a snowy day in 19th century Munich or right here in Mills River!