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Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.


So what’s it really like?

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A glimpse inside Sierra Nevada

On and off the job, our team tends to find adventure and foster camaraderie. From international collaborations to friendly (and intense) fitness challenges, our employees make the most of brewery life.

Hear It From

The Team

It’s better to show it than just say it: our hearts are in this.

Connecting two coasts is no easy feat, and passionate people make the difference.

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Follow The

Death Ride

Let’s ride bikes, our founder said. It will be fun, he said.

These employees pedaled 129 miles, climbed 15,000 vertical feet, and formed a special bond.

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When Brewing Goes


Some collaborations span the globe. And involve secret ingredients.

Germany’s famed Bitburger Brewery entrusted “Siegelhopfen” to us for an Oktoberfest partnership.

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Rise & Shine For

Beer Camp

It’s the grownup playground of your dreams.

We let loose with wild games and, you guessed it, bottomless coolers of beer.

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