Abby Wren

Published on September 12th 2022 by SNBC

Building a Community

For Abby, community is the greatest motivator in her artistic pursuits. Diagnosed with Alopecia as a teenager and subsequently losing her hair, Abby struggled to find the support she needed at a vulnerable time. But through social media, she’s found connection and a creative outlet that embolden her true identity.

“I hope to inspire others by creating captivating works of art across my head to open up the conversation around Alopecia and encourage others to be the truest version of themselves.”

Abby’s goal is to empower those living with Alopecia, providing encouragement and guidance for their journeys — and gaining the same for herself. She channels her love of the outdoors and eye-catching colors toward mind-blowing creations that attract an engaged and supportive community online and beyond.

She brings her work to life as a way to not only artistically express herself, but to continue the conversation around beauty standards and individuality. “I receive dozens of messages every day from incredible women experiencing Alopecia who are looking for relatable support,” she says, “and it’s a constant reminder that we need one another more than ever.”

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Favorite Sierra beverage: Hazy Little Thing
Visit Abby’s website or check out her Instagram.

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