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Beyond the Brewhouse

09 | 4 | 19

Mills River Mushrooms

Posted in Beyond the Brewhouse, Food & Beer

Under the forest canopy, tucked into a quiet nook, there’s a neighborhood of log cabins. But standing just 4 feet tall, they’re not home to humans. Instead, the residents bust through the bark: mushrooms. Some stand straight and rigid; others curve toward the sky. Their clusters look like umbrellas on a crowded beach. When the time is right, Mike Somich will harvest the caps, take a 60-second gator ride, and...

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07 | 24 | 19

Trails Day Recap

Posted in Beyond the Brewhouse, Sustainability

American Hiking Society (AHS) had an ambitious goal: set a world record on National Trails Day® for the most people participating in trail restoration in a single day. We rallied our employees and community, and on Saturday, June 1, we were part of history! Our efforts wrapped into the record-setting numbers nationwide: 41,424 = people who improved trails in a single day, National Trails Day® 1,164 = registered National Trails...

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05 | 15 | 19

Way Back with the Wildflower

Posted in Beyond the Brewhouse

The 38th annual Chico Wildflower Century, one of California’s top cycling events, saw 3,300 people in the saddle. They sign up for various reasons: tradition, camaraderie, or crossing one off the bucket list. “I just ride so I can eat pizza for the rest of my life,” says Ben, a 33-year-old from San Francisco who’s made the trek to Chico for the past five years. Ben’s taking a breather at...

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07 | 28 | 15

A Different Kind Of Collaboration

Posted in Beyond the Brewhouse

It all started on a bus. Somewhere between the deserts of Arizona and the rocky shores of Maine, a plot was hatched and promises were made, and finally a new craft brewer collaboration is coming together. But this isn't a beer. We've done that. This is something different. Last summer, on the epic cross-country bus trip during Beer Camp Across America, Jamie Floyd, the owner/brewer of Eugene, Oregon's Ninkasi Brewing...

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01 | 18 | 13

The Marriage of Bikes and Beer

Posted in Beyond the Brewhouse

An engineer at heart, Ken Grossman has loved bikes since he was a kid. His first visit to Chico preceded a long bike tour with friends along the Northern California coast. And even while running his home brewing store in Chico, Ken over several years worked as a mechanic in four Chico bike shops. Through his work as a bike mechanic, Ken crossed paths with Jeff Lindsay, a longtime Chico...

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