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All in the Family

For Jojo, surfing was inevitable. His father, Joe, has long been an iconic influence in the San Diego surf community, competing professionally and running a legendary surf shop — still to this day. Jojo is all-in for carrying the legacy forward.

While his dad never pushed surfing on him, Jojo was drawn to it from an early age. He worked in the family shop and fostered his growing love for the sport. Jojo eventually found his true calling in the world of big waves, both the renowned contests and chasing them on his own time for the thrill of it.

Jojo — “Surfing is something I was born into.”

Despite his high profile in the global surf industry, Jojo makes sure to stay connected to his family and his local San Diego community. When not on the road chasing waves or competing, he still puts in full days at the surf shop. He also glasses all his own boards, continuing the artisanal craftsmanship that he learned from his father.

For Jojo, there’s not much that compares to the feeling of hard work paying off, whether that’s conquering a massive swell or putting the finishing touches on a custom board. “Surfing is something I was born into,” he says with gratitude. “Building surfboards, the process and the skill, is what has allowed me to work hard, save money, and chase big waves around the world.”

Jojo Roper rides a jet ski
Jojo Roper surfs a big wave
Jojo Roperfloats on his surf board
Jojo Roper surfs a big wave
Jojo Roper surfs a big wave
Jojo Roper rides a jet ski

Location Location: San Diego, CA
Favorite Sierra beverage: Summer Break IPA
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