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Holiday IPA Popcorn

Posted in Food & Beer

Cooking with beer is familiar to some and uncharted territory for others. Beer imparts special character, aroma and taste to recipes, and lends adventure to culinary exploration. While eggnog, cocoa, pies and other dessert favorites may dominate your holiday gatherings, here's a fresh idea for a sweet and savory snack: Celebration IPA popcorn. Someone might physically have to take this bowl away from you. Caramel Popcorn with Celebration® IPA 2...

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Pale Ale

Posted in Homebrew Recipes

Ingredients Fermentables Two-row Pale | 1.8°L | 92% Caramel | 60°L | 8% Whole Cone Hops Cascade | 0.5 oz. 90 min Cascade | 0.75 oz. 60 min Cascade | 2 oz. 30 min Cascade | 2 oz. 0 min (flame out) Instructions Crack open a Pale Ale! Mash grains at 155 °F for 60 minutes. Raise mash temperature to 170 °F, hold for 5 minutes, then recirculate. Run off...

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The Marriage of Bikes and Beer

Posted in Beyond the Brewhouse

An engineer at heart, Ken Grossman has loved bikes since he was a kid. His first visit to Chico preceded a long bike tour with friends along the Northern California coast. And even while running his home brewing store in Chico, Ken over several years worked as a mechanic in four Chico bike shops. Through his work as a bike mechanic, Ken crossed paths with Jeff Lindsay, a longtime Chico...

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