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Bigger Than Beer


There’s cost-benefit, and there’s doing the right thing.

Our first brewhouse was a hand-built hodgepodge of old dairy equipment. Back then, “reduce, reuse, recycle” wasn’t a catchphrase but a business model. Over the years, we’ve passed up chances to brew more easily and cheaply, choosing not to shortchange our values or the environment.
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Chico, CA Brewery

Visit us and you’ll likely park under solar panels—just a portion of our 10,751 panels covering enough roof space to span 3.5 football fields. But there’s far more brewery sustainability you don’t see, from C02 capture and heat reuse to wastewater treatment and composting.

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Mills River, NC Brewery

In 2016, our North Carolina facility was the first production brewery in the U.S. to be certified LEED® Platinum—the highest level awarded by the most widely used green building rating system in the world.

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