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04 | 2 | 20

Introducing Online Beer Sales

Posted in Our Beer

You're in search of rare beer, and we have a cellar that runs deep. It's time we share these specialty bottles, some of which are years into aging. Well, start adding a few to your cart. That’s right, we’ve launched online beer sales—shipping directly to doorsteps in California to start*—and your haul is waiting at the green button below. The lineup includes some of our most limited selections including Barrel-Aged...

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03 | 27 | 20

Taproom Takeout Now Available

Posted in Food & Beer

We’ve missed your smiling faces in our Taprooms, friends. And starting today (March 27), we hope to see you again as we launch our Taproom Takeout Program at both Chico, CA and Mills River, NC locations. We’re now providing safe and convenient curbside pickup of food and beverage including: Select items from Taproom menus. See links below for each location. Growlers and crowlers. Please note, growlers will only be new...

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02 | 26 | 20

Ken Grossman: Thoughts On 40

Posted in Beyond the Brewhouse

We’re celebrating 40 years as a brewery. No better time to ask founder Ken Grossman about the past, the future, and how pain caves and Death Rides are somehow good things. Uncensored excerpts – February 5, 2020 At quite a young age, I decided I wanted my own welder. So I convinced my mom to get me one for my 14th birthday, instead of a Pendleton shirt like she got...

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02 | 3 | 20

Our Barrel Aged Beer Beginnings

Posted in Our Beer

Our Barrel-Aged Beer Goes Nationwide Early in the 2010s, Jeff White filled 10 bourbon barrels with a no-name Russian imperial stout. It was a “pilot” beer, simply an experiment. But standing over those casks, spellbound by the wafting aroma—notes of chocolate, espresso, vanilla—Jeff glimpsed the future. The passage of time and the influence of barrels would yield something altogether new. “I remember telling my boss, ‘This is an award-winning beer,’”...

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12 | 18 | 19

Narwhal Imperial Stout Pot De Creme

Posted in Food & Beer

Our Narwhal Imperial Stout is a beast of malt expression, and our executive pastry chef Kelly Lazarovich teased out its rich flavors in this pot de creme recipe. What’s pot de creme? Amazing custard. Just some real creamy, divine stuff. “You could serve this at a dinner party where it looks like you worked really hard,” Kelly says, “but it’s pretty easy.” Beer, coffee, chocolate and more. This is a...

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12 | 2 | 19

From Beer to Whole Hog Butchery

Posted in Featured, Food & Beer, Sustainability

Lunch is hours away, but our Taproom races toward it. Bakers prepare 1,000 hamburger buns for the coming days. A line cook dices endless carrots. Our garden supervisor washes the morning harvest of greens. A stack of kegs heads to the beer cooler—then another, and another. Surrounded by the action, Matt Hanbury stands calm before two sprawling tables of butcher block. He sharpens an impressive lineup of knives, focused. “Sharp...

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10 | 8 | 19

Hazy Little Thing IPA Beef Sliders

Posted in Featured, Food & Beer

Take top honors at the party with these beef sliders infused with Hazy Little Thing IPA for a food pairing packed with citrusy, smoky, and spicy flavors. Check the detailed ingredients and directions below the video. Thanks to our friends for the recipe and jaw-dropping footage. Ingredients – Hazy Little Thing IPA Beef Sliders 2/3 cup Hazy Little Thing IPA 3-3.5 lbs boneless chuck roast Kosher salt and black...

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