Greg Blanchard

Published on August 30th 2022 by SNBC

Maintaining A Grateful Mindset

Greg traded the soccer pitch for stunning waters. An athlete-turned-angler, he’s helped fuel the popularity of kayak bass fishing. And while the sport requires dedication — like preparing tackle, rods, and other gear — there’s nothing like “getting on the water at sunrise and seeing the world come alive,” Greg says

“After a day on the water with friends, getting back to the campsite and sharing ‘fish stories’ over a beer is priceless.”

He’ll always remember a 2017 tournament he fished on a whim, meeting up with two anglers he barely knew. They all happened to show up stocked with Sierra Nevada — great beer and fishing stories are a fast track to friendship.

Off the water, Greg is a physical therapist who draws motivation from his patients’ success. Watching them reach milestones is a reminder to pursue his own growth and improvement. Greg takes that mindset into the kayak: celebrate other fishers, because their wins can inspire him.

It all means that Greg lives a life of gratitude, even to the fish themselves. “I’ve been known to say, ‘Thank you, sir’ as I release them,” he explains, like he should be giving them a cheers too.

Location: Bay Area, CA
Favorite Sierra beverage: Hazy Little Thing & Summer Break
Visit Greg’s YouTube or check out his Instagram.

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