Jeremy P. McGhee

Published on August 25th 2022 by SNBC

Adapting to the Challenges

After a motorcycle accident left him unable to use his legs, Jeremy found ways to continue his outdoor passions like surfing, skiing and biking — fate wouldn’t define his future. He soon identified the lack of trail resources that safely accommodate adaptive athletes, so Jeremy launched The UNPavement, a digital toolkit that rates and shares trails through the lens of the adaptive experience. Everyone should be empowered to get outside, Jeremy believes, no matter their ability.

Even still, Jeremy struggles to stay motivated, to stay active. “There’s a thick layer of molasses for me to push through” most days, he says. But he’s quick to remember that “life is f—king short,” so he asks himself What do I want, right now? and chips away at the little things to make each day count. “I need to remind myself of who I want to be and that’s what gets me up.”

“I’m not a mountain biker. I’m a runner. My bike is how I trail run. Might as well fully embrace it!”

Jeremy’s connection to Sierra Nevada is hard to define by just one moment; it’s more about the feeling behind each moment. Whether cheers-ing with friends or savoring some solitude in his custom-built van, Jeremy loves a cold beer to close out a day spent doing what he loves.

Location: Splits time between San Diego, CA and Bentonville, AR
Favorite Sierra beverage: Summer Break
Visit Jeremy’s website or check out his Instagram.

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