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Overall Time

5 minutes





Our slightly sour Wild Little Thing befriends tequila in this super easy recipe that will no doubt start the party. If you really want to get in the spirit, use blueberries and lychees to top each glass with fake eyeballs. You know, slightly spooky.

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Wild Little Halloween Punch


3 cans (36 oz/4.5 cups) Wild Little Thing
1.5 cup (12 oz) tequila
1.5 cups (12 oz) pomegranate juice
0.75 cup (6 oz) grapefruit juice (*not* ruby red grapefruit juice)
3 cups (24 oz) cranberry juice
For garnish – blueberries & canned lychees


Step 1

Add Wild Little Thing to a large punch bowl, followed by all other ingredients.

Step 2

Ladle roughly 7–8 ounces into cups with ice.

Step 3

For “lychee eyeball” garnish, stuff the lychees with blueberries and serve on top of each glass.