Nov 15

Sierra Nevada's 38th Anniversary Celebration

Celebrate our 38th Anniversary of Sierra Nevada in High Gravity at the Mills River Brewery. This is a free event with live music from The ABZ Trio. As a special, we will be offering a beer and food pairing featuring our Pale Ale, Porter, and Stout for purchase at the bar. Your “ticket” includes a Chef made snack perfectly paired with a sample of each beer along with your very own etched Sierra Nevada tasting glass.

Join us in High Gravity at The Taproom in Mills River, NC for our 38th Anniversary Celebration from 6pm to 8pm!
Nov 15

Tacocat w/ Black Belt Eagle Scout

Mezzanine Doors: 7:00 PM | Big Room Doors: 7:30 PM
Black Belt Eagle Scout: 8:00 PM | Tacocat: 9:00 PM


The four actual best friends-Emily Nokes (vocals, tambourine), Eric Randall (guitar), Lelah Maupin (drums), and Bree McKenna (bass)-came together in their teens and early baby twenties and coalesced into a band eight years ago, and you can feel that they’ve built both their lives, and their sound, together. Hanging out with Tacocat and listening to Tacocat are remarkably similar experiences, like the best party you’ve ever been to, where, instead of jostling for social position, everyone just wants to eat candy and talk about Sassy Magazine, sci-fi, cultural dynamic shifts, and bad experiences with men.

Tacocat’s third studio album, Lost Time (an X-Files reference, doy), is their first with producer Erik Blood. “I would describe him generally as a beautiful wizard,” Nokes said, “who, in our opinion, took the album to the next level. Wizard level.” Blood’s sounds are wide and expansive, bringing a fullness to the band’s familiar sparkling snarl. The Tacocat of Lost Time are triumphantly youthful but also plainspoken and wise, as catchy as they are substantive. “Men Explain Things to Me” eviscerates male condescension with sarcastic surf guitar. On “The Internet,” they swat away trolls with an imperiousness so satisfying you want to transmogrify it into a sheetcake and devour it: “Your place is so low/Human mosquito.”

One of feminism’s biggest hurdles has always been that it isn’t allowed to be fun. Tacocat gives that notion precisely the credence that it deserves, ignoring it altogether and making fun, funny, unselfconscious pop songs about the shit they’re genuinely obsessing or groaning over: Plan B, night swimming, high school horse girls (“they know the different breeds of all their favorite steeds!”), the bridge-and-tunnel bros who turn their neighborhood into a toilet every weekend. And, eight years in, Tacocat have built something bigger than themselves. They’ve fostered a feminist punk scene in Seattle so fertile it’s going national and rendering the notion of the “girl band” even more laughable than it already was. There are no “girl bands” in Seattle anymore. There are just bands and everyone else. “Women,” Nokes jokes. “They’re just like us!”

w/ support from Black Belt Eagle Scout

Sierra Nevada Presents! A Concert Series in the Big Room in Chico, CA
Nov 17

Matt Sellars Band

Join us in High Gravity at the Sierra Nevada Taproom in Mills River on Saturday, November 17th from 1pm to 4pm for a free show with the Matt Sellars Band.

After years of crawling across Western North Carolina, Nashville, East Tennessee and throughout the south, Matt stepped in to the studio to make his first recorded effort, 2013’s This Side of the Mississippi. You can hear all of the influences that were soaked up and eventually poured out over the years. His style rings true to the music he loves and devotes himself to; the sounds of classic artists like Doc Watson and John Prine marry seamlessly with contemporary favorites like Tim O’Brien and Darrell Scott.

For fans of Singer/Songwriters, Americana, Bluegrass, Blues, Blueberries and the like, Matt Sellars is worth a listen.

High Gravity Room at the Taproom at Sierra Nevada, Mills River, NC from 1pm to 4pm - Free Show
Nov 17


The Mantras show has been re-scheduled for November 17th at 7pm on the High Gravity Stage at The Taproom at Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., Mills River, NC

The Mantras, a five piece jam machine born of Greensboro, NC have been conquering crowds and melting minds all over the country progressively for over a decade. The band’s music can be described with all types of varying rock and roll terminology, but is absolutely best defined by each listener’s ear and, equally important, their experience.

High Gravity Stage at the Taproom at Sierra Nevada, Mills River, NC from 7pm to 9:30pm - Free Show
Nov 18

Shay Martin Lovette

Join us in High Gravity at the Sierra Nevada Taproom in Mills River on Sunday, November 18th from 2pm to 5pm for a free show with Shay Martin Lovette.

Shay Martin Lovette is a singer-songwriter originating in the foothills of Appalachia in North Carolina. He and his band will be performing songs from his debut album Swift Drifter.

High Gravity Room at the Taproom at Sierra Nevada, Mills River, NC from 2pm to 5pm - Free Show