Rafael Pease

Published on October 7th 2022 by SNBC

The Confluence of Passions

Born in France to a Cuban mother and Chilean father, Rafael lived a transitory childhood, rotating between Florida, Texas, and Chile. When he discovered snowboarding at 17, it formed a fresh connection to Mother Nature and inspired Rafael’s environmental science degree — school that was conveniently near prime mountain snow, allowing him to further feed his love of snowboarding.

“I love going on solo trips into the mountains. I think it’s something everyone should experience at some point in their lives.”

Today he blends his outdoor passions with storytelling, running a film company “that can bring forward topics [such as] conservation, culture, climate change, social injustices and expeditions, all together.” Rafael is fascinated by film’s ability to bring together art and education in a digestible medium, allowing him to connect all of his passions.

While his busy schedule takes him all over the world, he still looks to make time for solo treks in the mountains to find solace and refresh his perspective. For Rafael, a cold Pale Ale is the perfect way to end a long day adventuring.

Location: Alaska & Chile
Favorite Sierra beverage: Pale Ale
Visit Rafael’s website or check out his Instagram.

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