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Triangle eyes and jagged grins are good fun, but make your pumpkin a jaw-dropper with our Hazy Little Thing stencil. Hard to imagine a better jack-o’-lantern on the block.

Watch the video, scroll down for instructions, and one-up the porch next door.

Download Hazy Stencil

Or open the stencil in a new tab, then save it to your device.

Hazy Little Thing Jack-O’-Lantern


Step 1

Download the Hazy Little Thing jack-o’-lantern stencil, print on standard 8.5” x 11” paper.

Step 2

With scissors, make 2-inch cuts from the edge of the paper toward the center of the Hazy Little Thing logo, spacing the cuts every 1.5 inches. (Start 1.5 inches from one corner; do not cut at any corner.)

Step 3

Tape the paper onto the pumpkin.

Step 4

Using a thumb tack, trace the edges of the black sections of the logo with small holes.

Step 5

Remove the paper (do not throw away!) and using a marker, trace the lines made by the thumb tack. To help reveal the small holes, sprinkle flour or baby powder onto the pumpkin and wipe away.

Step 6

Using the marker lines as a guide, carve out the parts of the logo from the stencil that are in black. Do not carve too deep. (We recommend a specialty pumpkin carving tool or dremel, but an exacto knife works too).

Step 7

Cut around the stem and remove. Scoop out the seeds and flesh. (Bake the seeds with spices for a nice snack.)

Step 8

Insert light source, re-insert the removed stem, and enjoy your Hazy Little Thing jack-o’-lantern!