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It starts with a spark.

For a young Ken Grossman, it was visiting a friend’s house and seeing curious glass jugs — bubbling, aromatic, alive. Simple ingredients, as if by magic, turning into beer. Ken saved for a homebrewing kit, and the adventure began. Sierra Nevada started with a spark. Find yours, and chase curiosity into the unexpected.

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Close-up of a Sierra Nevada beer foaming down a glass

We Started Out Scrappy. Real Scrappy.

On a hand-built brewhouse, pieced together from old dairy equipment, we started making beers that forever changed the course of American craft brewing. If your quest feels crazy, remember that crazy-good isn’t far off.

A Toast to the 
Tinkerers Dreamers Creators

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Rebecca Rusch holding can of Pale Ale
Rebecca Rusch
For so long, a bike was a means to finish first. But riding into the unknown shifted Rebecca’s mindset; two wheels can travel the world, break down barriers, and build up the greater good… Read more
Jeremy Jones
Jeremy Jones
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Jeremy McGhee
Jeremy McGhee
Off-road handcycles gave Jeremy newfound access to the great outdoors — freedom he wants for others. So he’s in the wilderness, mapping the trail data, revolutionizing adaptive sports… Read more
Robin Van Gyn
Play it safe — find the job, buy the house — or shred the tallest peaks? Robin chose to ride in the face of expectations, empowering female athletes of all walks to be their true selves… Read more
Jojo Roper
JoJo Roper
In his family’s iconic surf repair shop, a young Jojo saw the ocean’s adventure, and its power, in each broken board. Being a restoration master pairs well with riding the world’s biggest waves… Read more
Kevin Espiritu
Kevin Espiritu
Intrigued by gardening, but squeezed in a condo, Kevin gave hydroponics a try. The plants thrived, his passion flourished, and an Epic community can now grow anything, no matter where they live… Read more
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What Sparks your curiosity?

Share your spark, inspire more curiosity. Tag your photos on Instagram with @SierraNevada and #SparkYourCuriosity for a chance to be featured on our social.

Proven to Taste Better When You’ve Earned it.